2024 Summer Scramble League Registration





Two-Person Random Draw Scramble

Summer League Rules / Format


General Information

  • Mondays 4/15/2024 –8/26/2024
  • Weather cancellation decisions will be made no later than 12:00 day of play and will be emailed out.
  • The league will be an overall individual points contest played as a 9-Hole Two-Person Scramble each week.
  • Players must be signed in each week before 5:45PM and must be present in the pro-shop for the teams draw at 5:45PM.  Late arrivals will not be allowed to play that week.
  • New two-person teams will be drawn randomly each week.  Weekly points averages will be maintained.  Beginning week four players averaging in the top half of those present will draw from one hat and those in the bottom half will draw from another hat.
  • Tee off will be at 6:00PM sharp.



  • One Time $85 League Registration Fee which includes your choice of either a Crockett Ridge Polo or a Hat from select options while supplies last.
  • $30 Weekly Greens Fee & Closest to the Pin (CTP) Prize Fund


Scoring & Standings

  • Scores will be totaled for individuals throughout the season
  • Standings sheet will be updated every Tuesday after the round and updated scores will be posted in the Pro-Shop and emailed
  • 1-point awarded for each week played
  • 2-points awarded to each individual on the winning team each week
  • 1-point awarded to each individual on the 2nd place team each week
  • 1-point awarded to the CTP winner on both par 3s each week
  • ½ -point awarded to each individual on the winning team between each foursome, fivesome, or sixsome each week



  • League Champion receives a Champions Plaque (or Crockett Ridge Gift Certificate equivalent at winner’s choice)
  • Player with the most CTPs over the season receives a Pin Seeker Plaque (or Crockett Ridge Gift Certificate equivalent at winner’s choice)
  • CTP winners each week will split the prize fund in the form of a Crockett Ridge Gift Certificate

Play and Rules

  1. Teammates will both tee off. In the event there is an odd number of players any given week; the person drawing the odd tee will play solo and will hit both shots for their “team.”  The teammates will come to a consensus on the best tee shot and both will play their second shots from that spot. The best second shot is determined, and then both will play your third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed. Once the ball is holed, that score is taken and the second player does not have to hole out.
    1. On each shot, the golfer may take one club length of relief in any direction behind the ball, but no closer to the hole.
    2. Players cannot change their lie from the area of its resting place; i.e. rough to fairway, fairway to rough, hazard to rough, rough to fringe.
    3. Players will be permitted to improve lies in bunkers. Rake and Place in any bunker within one club length of the original spot, but no closer to the hole.
    4. If the ball chosen to play is in a water hazard, or both balls are hit in the water. Players must take a stroke penalty and drop as a lateral hazard. This meaning, drop within two clubs lengths of where the ball crosses into the area of the water, but no closer to the hole.
    5. White stakes are out of bounds. On holes #1 and #5 the street is considered OB. OB in this league is to be considered a lateral hazard.  You must take the stroke penalty if the ball that was hit out of bounds is the chosen ball to play, or if both balls are hit out of bounds.  You must drop within two club lengths of where the ball crossed the boundary, but no closer to the hole.
    6. No provisional balls will be taken.


  1. Putts must be placed within 3 inches of the original resting place, but no closer to the hole. In order to speed pace of play and ensure consistency across all groups; a “Gimme” may be taken if all players within the foursome agree the ball is within two feet of the cup.


  1. Double Bogey limit on every hole.


  1. Tee boxes will be based on Gender and Age.
  2. Men will play from the White tees.
  3. Men 60+ years old will play from the Gold tees.
  4. Ladies and Men 80+ will play from the Red tees.
  5. Exceptions may be made based on a player’s skill level and abilities.


  1. Teams will be grouped with two – three teams per hole. There will be at least two teams per hole, or a playing official with any single team to ensure integrity. You must keep your score and the opposing team’s score to ensure consistency between all scorecards for final scoring. Both first and last names must be on the scorecards.  If the scorecard is not turned in within 20 mins of the first team finishing, the scorecard is not legible, the players’ names cannot be determined, the players cannot be identified by first and last name, or if there is a discrepancy between scores on the groupings scorecards when turned in; the round will for that team will not be counted and no points will be awarded to them.


  1. In the case of a tie, there will be scorecard playoff to determine the winner. In the case of another tie, the teams will flip a coin to determine the winner.


Closest to the Pin shot attempts must come to rest on the green surface.  Fringe does not count.